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Assetto corsa update 1.2 + bonus pack available!

Assetto corsa update 1.2 + bonus pack available!

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Assetto corsa update 1.2 + bonus pack available!

Assetto Corsa v1.2 und Bonus Pack sind absofort erhältlich

Changelog 1.2

- Balanced interior and exterior volume for all cars
- Updated Fmod example project
- Updated Fmod pipeline document
- Fixed some rare FMod crashes
- Fixed bodywork sound when stand still for some cars
- Fixed typos for career descriptions
- Fixed Ferrari 458 and Giulia GTA sound pan
- Fixed flags position for triple screens users
- Fixed replay doesn't show smoke
- Fixed sun visible through barriers
- Fixed flying crew at Mugello
- Fixed delay before gear shift recognised
- Fixed keyboard controller and mouse steering
- Fixed rare pit stop repair bug when clutch is pressed
- Fixed wrong player is selected in the drivers list
- Fixed showroom crashes with Motion Blur enabled
- Fixed tyre blankets weird behaviour
- Fixed front wheels size on Lotus Evora
- Fixed Pagani Huayra broken mirror
- Fixed missing BMW M3 Gt2 rear tow
- Fixed cars already damaged starting a gameplay session at Ring
- Fixed BMW M3 e92 red patch on headlights
- Fixed P4/5 Competizione static calipers
- Fixed 599xx Evo weird LOD effect
- Fixed blurred rims missing from LOD C on some cars
- Fixed fuel calculator on Setup UI
- Fixed 500 Abarth skin issues
- Fixed pit crew panels in Chevy C7r and Nissan GT-R GT3.
- Fixed some broken Steam achievements
- BMW 1M has stock liveries; the previous ones are assigned to the S3 version
- Added FOV system message when using +/- to change the value ingame
- Added visual indication for suggested eyes position and actual eye position for Driver Eyes Positioning app
- Added "Auto Pos" button in Driver Eyes Positioning app to automatically move the eyes position to the suggested value
- Added Exposure system message when PGUP/PGDOWN are used to change the value ingame
- Improved AI. AI cars can and will overtake slower cars, lose their stability easier, can oversteer occasionally.
- Tyres now have a short name that is visualized on the classification, so that players can know which tyres the AI is using.
SV= Street Vintage
ST= Street
SM= Semislicks
SS= Slicks SuperSoft
S= Slicks Soft
M= Slicks Medium
H= Slicks Hard
SH= Slicks SuperHard
HR= Hypercar Road
I= Intermediate
V= Vintage
- Fixed tyre - kerb hard collisions
- Adjusted realigning forces from tyres.
- Active differentials
- New Alfa Romeo Mito Quadrifoglio Verde
- New Audi Sport Quattro
- New Lamborghini Miura SV
- New Nissan GT-R Nismo
- New Toyota GT-86
- New Zandvoort circuit
- New interior soundset for 500 Abarth (shared with Alfa MiTo and Tatuus FA01)
- Added dynamic controllers to drivetrain (Nissan GT-R Nismo)
- Added FF low speed reduction factor to avoid oscillations when the car is stationary (check system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini [LOW_SPEED_FF] )
- Multiplayer - Added checksum checks for tracks using the new config system
- Multiplayer - Removed "Track List" feature from AC Server
- Multiplayer - Added "IS_OPEN" key to "[RACE]" to lock new players from joining a race. 0=CLOSED, only players coming from the previous sessions are allowed in. 1=OPEN, players can join during a race. 2=OPEN DURING WAIT TIME, players are allowed to join during the wait time only
- Multiplayer - Fixed collision not triggering correct samples
- Multiplayer - Added weather settings to the server side
- Multiplayer - Fixed tyres glued to the road for cars without animated suspensions
- Multiplayer - Added possibility to limit tyre choice
- Multiplayer - Added Server Plugin Auth system to AC Server for customized user authentication. AUTH_PLUGIN_ADDRESS in server_cfg.ini
- Multiplayer - Added Server UDP Plugin for realtime data input/output from AC Server (check example C# application and UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS in server_cfg.ini)
- Multiplayer - It is now possible to complete last lap during Qualify & Practice
- Multiplayer - Fixed /client_list not showing local car ID
- Multiplayer - Added first ballast implementation (use /ballast [carid] [kg] in the chat as admin or entry list)
- Multiplayer - At the end of a race now the system goes "Race Control" view with leaderboard and chat
- Multiplayer - Exit button in ESC menu is now at safe distance from the others
- Multiplayer - Added option to force virtual mirror ON from AC Server
- Multiplayer - Added acServerManager into server folder.
- Added realtime "relative" time app
- Added glowing brakes graphics effect. [DISCS_GRAPHICS] in brakes.ini
- DRS can now be turned off with the DRS button and not only by braking
- AI grip on corner exit is now more realistic
- Improved loading time ~1s faster per car
- Game timing is now using high resolution timer unless a drift is detected and the timer is switched to 1ms resolution. This improves FPS CAPS and general fluidity
- Tyres and rims now stay blurred when replay is paused
- Auto shifter has now its own dedicated section in drivetrain.ini [AUTO_SHIFTER] and does not share it with AI any more
- Air density calculation is now using temperature as input
- Proximity indicator now scales with resolution
- AI now properly brakes in time to hit 80Kmh in the pitlane
- Fixed discs object not properly switched with LODS
- Better driver gearshift preload on first gear
- Fixed strong tyre vibration around 40 kmh
- Added EBB (electronic brake balance) support
- Removed user FF damper settings from GUI and setups. FF damping is only used for stationary cars (hard steering wheel feel) and it is controlled by wheel drivers
- Removed limits from Driver Eyes Positioning app
- Kers is now recharged in pits
- AI is not using "Trail Hint" anymore

- Reduced Nissan GTR Nismo low speed oddities
- Nissan GT-R Nismo corrected typo bugs from suspension alignment.
- Nissan GT-R Nismo different damper settings.
- Fixed some skin names who were shown as "0 name"
- Renamed Audi sport quattro red skin to behave as default skin.
- Fixed "Touring cars battle" special event who was not shown in the list
- Fixed F40 door sound in showroom (both variants)
- Fixed AI choosing to go back to pit on last lap if running out of fuel
- Server forced virtual mirror off is now ignored when Oculus is used
- Corrected McLaren MP4 12C GT3 aero map to be slightly more rear bias.
- Fixed Zandvoort track map.
- Fixed Road Temperature generation in acServerManager

- Fixed acd files reading wrong values creating problems with 4WD (possibly other cars)
- Corrected Nissan GT-R Nismo fuel tank capacity
- Corrected Nissan GT-R Nismo auto clutch assist engadgement
- Corrected Nissan GT-R Nismo weight figure on Interface spech data description (does not affect physics)
- Corrected Nissan GT-R Nismo skins' names.
- Added skin template for Audi Sport quattro
- Improved Audi Sport quattro skins
- Fixed Alfa Giulietta argento skin
- Fixed BMW Z4 red skin
- Corrected low fuel consumption for Lamborghini Miura, adjusted for the rest of the bonus pack cars
- Corrected Audi Sport quattro S1 turbo pressure dial
- Added DAMPER_MIN_LEVEL in assetto_corsa.ini to allow for some residual FF damping once the car is moving (default is 0)
- Small tweak to relaxation length variation vs tyre load
- Corrected Abarth 500 and S1 semislicks tyre heating and small corrections in alignment and bumpstops
- Fixed ghost car
- Corrected Alfa Romeo 155 DTM setup antiroll bar missing, plus some minor adjustments in suspension geometry and differentials
- Added ksBrakeDisc shader to allow modders to implement glowing brakes
- Removed log messages for Python function "getTexture" because some python app dev thought: "Hey, what a nice function! I will call it every frame instead of caching the result" resulting in >60mb logs and stuttering and 10 years less in the life expectance of the AC support guys

- Added MAX_BALLAST_KG to server_cfg.ini (defaults to 100Kg if the value is not there)
- 4WD cars now behave better at very low speed
- New ABS code won't allow individual wheel braking and improves stability and directionality
- Fixed clutch remaining unlocked at high speeds in some occasions generating engine "stutters"
- Fixed tyre blankets not working in HotLap and other oddities
- Nissan GT-R new central active diff logic
- Corrected camber sensitivity values for all tyres
- Corrected brake balance for some cars that had heavy oversteering problems under braking
- Various memory optimizations to allow more cars to be used
- Fixed FPS cap to allow precise FPS selection. Please reset your values from the launcher
- Fixed Alfa Romeo 155 autoclutch range for 1st gear starts
- Tweaked tyres skid pitch, especially for race cars with slicks
- acServerManager : added "Create Manager Package" to use this tool on remote machines
- acServerManager : some performance improvements
- acServerManager : added "External Server" to run multiple servers on the same PC.
- acServerManager : weather settings are no more limited to 3

- Fixed Mercedes SLS GT3 Hard Tyre short name
- Fixed high resolution timer disable notification filling the log
- Improved ABS, cars will now have correct braking distances while braking on a straight line.
- Changed all electronics.ini files with updated frequencies for ABS and TC for all cars.
We advice modders to use RATE_HZ=250 and SLIP_RATIO_LIMIT= from 0.14 to 0.20 for optimum ABS, also use higher frequencies for TC
- Changed brakes.ini for various cars to improve braking.
- Experimental aero ride height values and stalling on Pagani Zonda R, Huayra and Ferrari 599XX to better simulate what happens in extreme curves like Eau Rouge
- Corrected Mercedes Benz 190E DTM steer rod ackerman geometry
- Adjusted Steer ratio on Lotus Exos and Exos S1
- 3D driver preload animation starts earlier on 458 GT2
- Up to 27% more placebo effect

- Fixed extremely high level of graining and blister at low speeds

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