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Assetto Corsa Build v1.3.1 & v1.3.2 Changelog

Assetto Corsa Build v1.3.1 & v1.3.2 Changelog

in Assetto Corsa News Pc & Konsole 12.10.2015 16:02
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Soeben kam das neuste Update von Kunos und somit ist Assetto Corsa jetzt in der Version 1.3.2

Hier gibt es für euch das Changelog

- Graphical fixes for Ferrari F40 (s3), BMW M4 and Akrapovic, Zonda R
- Corrected SCG003 Fuel consumption
- Fixed Dual Core CPU crashing due to non properly initialized threading using "Timer
- Fixed replay framerate wrong multiple of physic engine rate producing wrong speeds in replays
- Fixed user force feedback capping the value to 100% on load
- Fixed volume balance (exterior) for some cars
- DX10.1 fixes are not also active for the ksEditor
- Possible fix for colored spectators using new camera facing rendering
- Performance improvement for camera facing spectators when reflections are active
- Fixed Lotus 98T AI tyre strategy (choosing qualify tyres even for tracks that are too long for those)
- Added DRS zones to Nordschleife
- Improved AI lines at Nordschleife
- Slight improvement in AI race craft
- Changed Led on Huracan GT3
- Fixed DLC2 cars lap limit on quick races
- replaced Lamborghini Logos

- Possible fix for DX 10.1 video cards crashing
- DLC2 - Improved lowpass filter for Audi R8 LMS Ultra exterior sound
- DLC2 - Fine tuned some coast crossfades for Lamborghini Huracan and Ford GT-40
- G27 leds now turn off when exiting the simulation
- Now includes correct Linux acServer
- Fixed Nissan GT-R NISMO front suspension to correct damage under full lock.
- Fixed Audi R8 LMS Ultra ABS level 7 value typo.
- Fixed GT40 rear camber setup value range mismatch.
- Fixed GT40 dampers setting numbering
- Fixed rear ride height evaluation only using left tyre pressure instead of both
- There was a problem with the shipment of the Ferrari 458 S3 trofeo tyres. We have now put them back in your pitbox setup choices.
- Fixed Tatuus F.Abarth rear wing CL and CD typos
- Added car model name to the "User Gain" Force Feedback message

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